Occupational Therapy
Summit of Scholars

Call for Abstracts

March 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Abstract proposals are welcome for research poster presentations, oral presentations and/or Work In Progress (WIP) presentations. 

New this year, accepted abstracts will be published in OTJR: Occupational Therapy Journal of Research.  Details for submitting abstracts for publication will be provided at a later date.

Guidelines for Research Posters

The purpose of the Research Posters sessions is to collaborate, disseminate and discuss OT/OS research. Research Posters can focus on proposed, ongoing or completed studies. Greater emphasis will be placed on proposals that include data (including preliminary data) as part of the proposal scoring process.

Proposals are limited to 400 total words and may include 1 figure. Abstracts that exceed the allowable word count will not be considered. The format for research poster proposals and further details can be found on the link below. Please send any questions to admin@otsummit.org.

Guidelines for WIPs

The WIP sessions are designed to allow researchers who have current or planned research proposals to improve their submissions through collaborative and collegial discussion. We have designed these sessions to serve as a mini-review of the proposed work as opposed to a venue for scientific presentations. Presenters will receive feedback from a researcher panel comprised of funded investigators. WIPs are not limited to junior researchers, we encourage submissions from across the research trajectory. WIP proposals will be reviewed for fundability and relevance to OT/OS research. WIP presentations are not designed to provide an opportunity for attendees to give a podium or oral presentation (please apply for a poster presentation, if this is what you are looking for). WIP sessions are being devoted to review and critical appraisal of work being submitted for funding within the next year, with the goal of increasing the number of funded OT/OS lead research. 

Proposals are limited to 1000 total words and may include 1 figure. Included in the word count: specific aims and hypotheses, innovation, background and significance, innovation, approach, preliminary data, and future direction. Abstracts that exceed the allowable word count will not be considered. All abstracts must be submitted via the link below. Please send any questions to admin@otsummit.org